The performance Mean Water was developed on the basis of observations of nature and prepared for a museum context with the help of abstraction. Years later, the idea of the moving bubble was taken up again and transferred back to a natural surrounding as Mean water performing. It is not surprising that the translation of the movements with the bubble-like latex skin into the natural space were creating slapstick-like moments. Movements and materials start to refer to the flora and fauna of the coastal regions, such as seals, crabs, jelly-fish, water bubbles, etc. and caricature them. Soft movements are hindered by the unevenness of the natural subsurface. The transfer of an abstract, aestheticized choreography to the beach area fails. During this intervention nature appears as a disruptor of the artistic aesthetic claim. What remains is the comical moment of a collage of playful attempts by humans to move about in the sand.


First showing: Kurfürstliches Gärtnerhaus, Bonn, DE, August 2014 / Duration: 20 minutes

Material&Objects: latex, acrylic paint, gouache, cardboard

Stage design&Choreography: Hanna Batsiukova, Johanna Sarah Schlenk

Photography&Video: Johanna Sarah Schlenk

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