The performance Imprinting deals with the concept of individual freedom. Separately individuals are highlighted and placed into focus. They appear as subjects influenced, formed and imprinted by external conditions. Different states of existence are illuminated. Physical, psychological and mental limitations shape and influence the movements and attitudes of the actors. How free is it that we really are?

The figures interact with objects of an exhibition space. They move, relocate and shift themselves and the sculptures. By them they are enclosed, rolled over, or held down. The pivot of all movements is the object through which and around which the protagonists arrange themselves. Depending on the item, also the movement qualities of the performers change. The work thus combines a sculptural view and a pictorial language of form with body-, time- and space based dance and movement art.


First showing: Alte Feuerwache, Cologne, DE, January 2015 / Duration: 25 minutes

Materials&Objects: Cable drum, latex, bird cage, human hair, cement, aluminium

Stage design: Johanna Sarah Schlenk, Nino E. Alonso

Light design&Sound design&Choreography: Johanna Sarah Schlenk

Dance: Selma Fricke, Simon Schmid, Johanna Sarah Schlenk

Text: Johanna Sarah Schlenk / Rezitation: Johannes Wagner

Photography&Video: Johanna Sarah Schlenk

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